Last updated
January 12 2020

NovelLoop’s Privacy Policy

NovelLoop and its developer take your privacy very seriously. Beyond the information Apple provides to developers that you can decide to provide, NovelLoop uses Fabric analytics framework to collect anonymous information. NovelLoop does not sell or rent your data.

You do not need to sign in to use the app but signing in does allow you to fully use the features of NovelLoop. When signing in, you use the same credentials that are used for After signing into NovelLoop it allows users to update their reading list (which is synced with

All request from the app are sent to a server handled by the developer to help parse the information from and to This connection is encrypted with SSL (see more information). User’s username/password is only sent went attemtping to login, afterwards novelloop uses a token to make request on the user’s behalf. The user’s username/password is stored on the devices keychain only if the user selected remembered me when logging in. This allows for quick re-login after a session expires and allows a seemless experience with being logged out.

By using this app (NovelLoop), you’re subject to Novel Updates as well as any other services/websites you visit/encounter/use within the app.